(Fixed) Calterm cal download error “Phase is Not Available if Run Location is Boot”

Calterm cal download got error “Phase is Not Available if Run Location is Boot”. It’s for cm870 I’m using bench harness.

Calterm cal download error


Solution and discussion:

You corrupted header on file you tried to flash and now you are stuck in BOOT instead of APPLICATION.

Try flashing using INSITE to recover boot loader and application partitions. Then make sure you are doing any modifications properly if using Calterm. If you are performing a delete, you should be flashing using INSITE, not Calterm.



I’m curious as to why you do deletes on insite and not calterm? I’ve done a delete through calterm and it worked out good, granted I got a weird error about permission at the end of the download but it still worked.



Starting with a stock (nulled) INCAL file, then apply overlay using Calterm to it will keep headers from getting corrupted. Flashing with INSITE instead of Calterm will allow ECM to go into Learning Mode. This will allow RAM data to be populated on how the engine runs, what needs adjusted as per how the ECM was programmed in the first place. If you use Calterm to program you will skip the learning step and if deleting a truck it will keep self-diagnostic data from when truck had emissions which will offset SOI, fueling, and a few other things.

And as always before doing anything it’s a good idea to create an ECM image and convert to template in INSITE, and not a bad idea to “UPLOAD” a copy of the truck using Calterm just in case.



Someone on here made me a calibration file and I used calterm (I didn’t know I had to do it with insite until they told me). But I had an upload of the original ecm and also made a image of the ecm and template. I used the template after I downloaded the deleted calibration. And like I said I only got an error at the end of the download about security permission. Insite connected fine to upload the template. Could I have messed up some tables by doing this? I had a good long test drive in the truck and everything seemed to running well. Did I get lucky or was it just a good calibration or should I expect the truck back soon for some issues? It’s been almost a week and so far I haven’t heard anything bad about it.

IF headers get corrupt does that make the ecm stay in boot mode?



It probably programmed fine if truck is running, but that doesn’t mean things are set properly. For example, check final_timing while running engine and see if values are within the range you were shooting for. It’s always best to start from nulled INCAL file. I’ve seen SOI alone be offset incorrectly by self-diagnostic trace data that was still there due to flashing using Calterm on live file vs INSITE. If headers are corrupt on cal file due to saving changes manually using some versions of Calterm vs only running overlays on them then yes it can cause many problems, but usually truck won’t start and ECM will get stuck in BOOT. This is more common on older ECMs like the 870, but can easily happen on any Cummins ECM.


Src: https://mhhauto.com/Thread-Calterm-cal-download-error


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