Auto mechanics reviews on obd2eshop Original Autel DS708 scan tool


Yesterday a customer contacted me saying he was considering the original Autel MaxiDAS 708 scanner, but would like to know how it worked. To answer this question, I would like to quote some mechanics reviews on Autel DS708 as it is making big waves in mechanic forums, such as and

“I like it. Lots of capability.

It is not perfect but pretty good. It won’t scan some air bag codes in small asian imports like Suzuki, Kia etc.

Some veh you only get manufacture codes, no generic codes. Hard to search Identifix with manufacture codes.

Sometimes the wording in it is weird, depends on veh manufacture though.

You can use included stylus or fingers to touch screen.

Some good deal out there.”

–          Guns R Tools

“We have had one in our shop since January and it has been used daily as the go-to scanner.

Excellent, strong coverage will all kinds of adaptations and coding for European cars. Strong Asian coverage.

Looks like they copied the Tech 2 on the GM domestic side….

PID graphing is not so great but the DS708 makes up for this in the raw power and capability that it has.

I mostly use Autoenginuity on my laptop but this scanner has really done a great job with it is extensive coverage.

You won’t be disappointed with your purchase.”

–          Tarheelgarage

“It’s a great scanner! Lots of cabality, including bidirectional controls.

I would be careful with the “straight” from China ones, there not the same as the ones sourced domestically. The difference is you can’t do any updates thru wifi connection, all updates have to be made through a process of emails and Autel tech support. It’s a hassle…”

–          Yogitech